Day in, day out.

Getting laid is the problem; Game is the solution. Those who’ve had a firsthand of taste of Game will see at least some truth to that. The fresh entrants will nod their head with an enthusiasm worthy of a better cause, while the seasoned veterans will agree (or seem to), with a degree of reserve.

But then “Game”, complex as it is, has no ubiquitous meaning. It’s interpretations vary vastly, depending on who you ask; from spurting routines and sound bites in rapid succession like a  hijacked candy machine, to “being yourself” i.e. “being the chode that you’ve been your whole life, who couldn’t get laid underwater with a tankful of oxygen”. Our holy scriptures may be different, but we all think, or at least start out thinking, that we’ll be getting laid like Brad Pitt if we follow it well enough.

He thinks he’s got mad game too.

It’s been a little over two years since I got a copy of Revelations off the Internet. I went from being an average Indian chode, to being a mad player with dem ladies overnight!

No I didn’t. After hundreds of hours down the drain with PUA seminar videos and “infield footage”, books on body language and posture, fashion and grooming, direct game, indirect game, hypnosis and NLP, phone and text game, rapid escalation and Lord knows what else, I didn’t walk outta the tunnel a babe magnet. But I did emerge a different person.

I started out a virgin two years ago; since then, I’ve had my first kiss, first time second base, and two lays – all different women. I’ve bounced back three birds from the streets to my bedroom, though I fucked those up when it came down to pulling the trigger. And I didn’t even get any titties; all I got for the effort were learning opportunities.

I can hear my critiques, sitting thousands of miles across from me munching their fries, thinking – “Damn, you speak good English for an Indian. Congratulations on that. But lol ur game shucks bro.” Bloody yes it does. Those are unremarkable, if not downright laughable, stats; perhaps not for the average plugged-in chode, but definitely for a man with PUA-guidance.

Looking back, I’ve walked quite an interesting road since that sultry afternoon when my fourteen year old chode-y self sat sifting through the pages of the book that would eventually turn his down upside down. I’ve been to brothels in the middle of the night, been rejected more times than any man in the whole city, and dabbled with most substances within my reach. In this interval, I won awards for acting and public speaking; this as a boy who, until his venture into daygame, bloody near wet his pants when walking into a crowded room, even his school classroom. And yet it seems like yesterday that I first heard Mystery’s name, or of routines and canned openers and Group Theory and IOI’s.

Coming back to the subject of Game, it’s become far more for me than just how to open a girl and take her to bed, and how to conquer the tempests in between. It’s moved beyond my sarging sessions, my interactions with women on dates or and the phone. It’s become a philosophy on and for life, and how to live it as a man of value. It’s the guidance that my father never could give me; the guidance that, I now realize, my generation of men in its entirety lacks.

I’ve been meaning to start my own blog for a while now, but the final push came from Krauser’s post. The truth is, you wont find many success stories, impressive field reports or  reality-shattering pussy-pounding Game revelations here. Sure, compared to the average fellow I know a ton about social and inter-gender dynamics, and have a good deal of in-set experience from an year of grinding set after set on the streets. But if you’re reading this, you probably know what I know and can (at least) do what I can do.  You’re better off someplace like Krauser’s blog, or Tom Torero’s YouTube channel for the real meat.

All I have to offer to you, my reader, is an account of my journey – my (innumerable) failures, my (few) successes, and what they’ve taught me. I’ll be posting field reports and miscellaneous ramblings periodically, when I feel I’ve stumbled onto something of significance.

In essence, all you’ll find here is an outlook on life, women and Game, through the eyes of a seventeen year old Indian pickup artist.




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